Venezuelan basketball soars high in Melbourne

11350723_635257793264994_8245055401675578688_nA brief story of how the VAA basketball team rose to the top of the Footscray League, by Nicolás Agostini

After a season of 16 games, lots of training and a big effort from all team players, the VAA team Basketball team won the 2015 autumn season in Footscray.

It was a full on season. Not only new players join the team, but also new strategies were put into place during the game. A group of team supporters also started to follow the performance of the team very closely, which had a positive impact on the team performance.

One of their first was against The Pogs. It was the first game of the season and not the best for the VAA team. They were playing together as a team for the first time and learning the strengths and weaknesses of their new players. However, after a tie with The Pogs, they played very well for the rest of the regular season, winning around 4 games straight and reaching 4th place on the ladder.

After their great performance during the previous games, they played against one of the strongest teams, the Rolling Stones, and lost the game by 10 points. This one was a stressful game. The first half finished in a tie at 11-11, but Rolling Stones played an amazing second half and won the game by 10 points.

VAA recovered from that loss very quickly and won the next games, which allowed them to move up to 2nd place just behind of the unbeaten team of the season: Rolling Stones. But VAA team did not last in 2nd place for very long as they lost the following game against Dumplings when they made an amazing 3-point shots in the last 8 minutes of the game.

An exciting game that followed was against Footscray Hawks. In the last minute of the game VAA was losing by 2 points, but with an amazing plays and shots, they won and recovered the 2nd place.

There were only 4 games remaining in the regular season, and VAA team needed to stay strong to make it to the semifinals. They played against Banana’s and later against Vamos Bien and won both games by a significant margin. Finally, they played against the Pogs and won by 20 points, and VAA team secured their place in the semifinals. The fixtures for the semifinals were Banana vs. VAA and Rolling Stones vs. Footscray Hawks.

On one court, with an amazing game, VAA beat the Bananas. Meanwhile, on the other court, the Rolling Stones defeated the Footscray Hawks. The fight to win the championship of the 2015 Autumn Season in Footscray was VAA and Rolling Stones.

This was going to be a very challenging game for them. VAA was facing one of the strongest teams, Rolling Stones (14 games unbeaten). However, VAA played very well from the start and were supported by a large group of fans during the game. Good moves by some VAA players, the techniques they had developed and the incredible support of their followers took the Rolling Stones by surprise, while giving a lot of confidence to VAA.

The constant training and new techniques paid off and VAA finished an amazing season, defeating the Rolling Stones by 10 points (27-17), receiving special recognition for one of the team players; Eduardo Nava, who was acknowledged as the most valuable player (MVP).

They have now joined the 3rd division and are now playing the 2015 winter tournament in Footscray.

Good luck, guys!

Nicolás Agostini is a student from Caracas, currently obtaining a Marketing certificate at the UIT in Melbourne. He's also a big sports and basketball enthusiast.

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