FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I become a member?
To become a member of our Association you only have to enter to our website www.vaaonline.org.au and click on Become a Member button. Follow the instructions to complete the form and pay the annual membership through Paypal.

Do I need to have or create a PayPal account to pay my membership?
Yes, you must have or create a PayPal account to make payment. Owning a PayPal account not only allows you to make and automate this payment, but has many other advantages such as ease and protect all your purchases and transactions through internet with your email and password, without having to enter the details of your credit card each time. For more information, visit www.paypal.com.au.

What are the benefits tif I become a member?

  • As a member you can enjoy all the activities organized by our Association. If an activity has an associated cost, will enjoy special rates.
  • You can contribute your ideas or propose new projects that are aligned with the goal of our Association.
  • All members will receive through our media (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc..) details of the activities of the Association, as well as regular newsletters on topics and activities of interest will be collected.
  • To be included in the business directory, where you can offer and promote your professional services.
  • Participation in the election of the Executive Committee of the Association.

How much the membership is?

Business $35
Family $20
Individual $15
Concession - Student $10

I have kids, can they attend all events?
The Association organizes different types of events some as social, family, sports or cultural and other kinds of professional or business. For the events of the first category, children are welcome.

Could I participate as a volunteer for the Association?
Yes, of course! Just contact us through info@vaaonline.org.au. You can participate in the organization of any event of interest or by giving ideas yo the committee. There is much to do, so that's what we most need is volunteers.

What benefits are there for businesses?
Businesses can advertise in the events organized by the Association, can add their advertisement on the website and also offer their services or products to our members.

Does the Association can help me to get a job?
Whenever the Association organize an event, the participant has the opportunity to make connections and meet people to unfold in the same work area, which can make contacts that will help you to get a job. Events and networking meetings that the Association organised every two months are very appropriate to establish such relationships.

I’m not a member yet, can I attend events of the Association anyway?
Generally events are organized by the Association for the Venezuelan community related and relatives. Which means that in general there isn’t need to be a member to be eligible to participate. But our members are entitled to attend and have preferential price only to events associated with preference or participation for its members.